Amethyst Sterling Silver Earrings

DoLoBo Jewelry  Sterling Amethyst Earrings

SIlver Amethyst Earrings from Etsy Shop

DoLobo was inspired to create these gorgeous Sterling Silver Amethyst Wire Wrapped Celtic style earrings to accent the timeless beauty and simplicity of the beads.  They are loaded with sterling silver wire hand-bent and wrapped in Old World technique.

DoLoBo feels the way he’s accented these would frame your face wonderfully!

See them here on Etsy only $36! 


Wire Wrapped Sterling Silver Pendant

Amethyst Wire Wrapped Sterling Pendant

Sterling Silver Amethyst Wire Wrapped

February Birthstone Set in Lovely Sterling Silver

Look at this gorgeous wire wrapped, sterling silver pendant with a genuine amethyst cabochon center stone–the stone is clear and the jewelry is made to accent the lovely stone.

Amethyst is said to soothe the mind and calm the emotions. It is also the birthstone of February!
SIZE: 1 1/2″ long (1 3/4 including the bale) 1″ wide. Bale is extra wide to accomodate even the thickest chain so you can wear with a thin or a chunky chain!

This pendant was inspired by my love of medieval and celtic times and uses my own wire wrapping method.

Stunning sterling silver!    Only $40 Buy now  or please share with someone who will like it!