DoLoBo Artist


Here’s a few places DoLoBo’s been featured:

Museums & Exhibits: 

Sofab Museum

Permanent Exhibit Southern Food & Beverage Museum (Big Fat Daddy’s Display in the Trail of Smoke and Fire ; painted sign)

Grilling Museum Exhibit:  Nov 2014- Dec 2015 “Factory Tour” Big Fat Daddy’s, Manchester, PA via the York Convention & Visitors Bureau (two painted reproduction signs)


Websites / Blogs / Books Articles & Features

March 2015 :   Design-Swag Tumblr

March 2015:     Big Fat Daddy’s Blog

March 2015:  Etsyland Tumblr

Etsy RainbowsDecember 2014  :  Etsy Rainbows 

November 2014:

June 2012 :  Etsy Artisans

November 2011:  Books Read Them

August 2010:  My Pinky Finger 

December 2009:  Super 40

 August 2009:  Ira Mency Blog

May 2009:   Wet Tub  

Archived: Associated Content article/2464548/88yearold_baltimore_man_with_dementia.html

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