DoLoBo’s drawings are meticulously created from his own  spontaneous or “stream of consciousness” .




Sue Real by Donald Louis Booker DoLoBo

“Sue Real”

Working in a small space in the confines of his home in Baltimore, perhaps DoLoBo’s best work is done with pencil and paper, or basic pen and ink.
End of Innocence by DoLoBo

“End of Innocence”

DoLoBo Drawing "She All That"

“She All That”

Carefully he draws with so much detail, one can’t imagine it to be pen and ink or graphite pencil;  as they look more like actual photographs. or pencil art.
Rodalesque by DoLoBo





All in the Past by DoLoBo

All in the Past”

Great Expectations

“Great Expectations” 

His tongue in cheek aka “fool the eye” type art like “Sunflakes” made only from his visionary mind’s eye.  There are no models, just graphite, paper, and quiet moments.
WARNING: below samples contain artistic nudity.
Captured Moment by DoLoBo

“Captured Moment”

Walk in the Sun by DoLoBo

“Walk in the Sun”

Ego and the Id by DoLoBo

“Ego and the Id”